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Top 11 Family Activities in Jupiter, Florida

Florida has always been the perfect family getaway destination. But while you may be familiar with cities like Miami, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, tucked away north of Palm Beach County’s The Palm beaches exist a charming yet often snubbed gem.

The enchanting Jupiter town is an unquestionably perfect family spot. This location offers a less rowdy vibe than Florida’s southern beach cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale. 

This guide explores all the fun spots and activities that you’ll enjoy in Jupiter, Florida. 

Family Fun Spots in Jupiter, FL

There are countless family activities in Jupiter, FL, that you can explore to spice your next vacation. Here are the main of the fun activities to enjoy in this picture-perfect destination:

A Visit to DuBois Park

Dubois Park is located towards the inlet’s southern shore. The family fun spot boasts a world-renown palm tree-lined beachfront that spans over 1,200 feet.

Apart from watching surfers do their thing, the location has numerous picnic facilities, swimming spots, and the historic DuBois Pioneer home, constructed in 1898. A tour of this area is an exciting way of getting outdoors to enjoy the sun for some minutes and letting your kids have a glimpse of the life of frontier kids.

Johnathan Dickinson State Park

This historic Florida state park lets you explore a diverse ecosystem, exciting history, and the majestic Loxahatchee river. It offers rare environments like upland lakes, scrub forests, and coastal sandhills.

The park has a historical significance and served as a secret training camp during World War II. It’s home to the shipwrecked Quaker merchant story and Trapper Nelson, Loxahatchee’s legendary Wild Man.

Check Out the Jupiter Lighthouse Museum

The town’s iconic Jupiter lighthouse has been guiding boaters since 1860! Kids over 48″ tall can climb the spot’s 105 steps to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the town, Jupiter island, and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

You’ll pay a certain fee to do this climb, and youngsters below 16 years must be in the company of an adult. 

Step into Riverbend Park

Loxahatchee River kayaking and hitting the bike trails are among the perfect ways to sightsee Old Florida up close. Thanks to its scenic bike trails and outstanding kayaking on the historic river, this park is a great spot.

The park is particularly great for a family cycling trip, and you’ll get to explore cypress-lined ponds, quaint bridges, shady pine forests, a historic battlefield, and grand old live oaks while interacting with flocks of wild turkeys.

Maltz Theater

A visit to this not-for-profit professional regional theatre will make your trip memorable. The facility is dedicated to performing arts focused on educating, entertaining, and inspiring the community and has joined Florida’s preeminent professional theatres.

It promotes education and production by collaborating with local and nationwide artists, and it’s currently the largest award-winning regional theatre in Florida. 

Stop by Roger Dean Stadium

baseball stadium

Another perfect spot for family activities in Jupiter, FL? Visit the emblematic baseball stadium within the Abacoa community. The stadium was named after the World War II naval officer and one of Ford’s first mega car dealers, Roger Houston Dean.

St Louis Cardinals and The Miami Marlins have their spring training here, and it’s the only US stadium that serves four baseball teams in the minor league: The Palm Beach Cardinals, Gulf Coast Cardinals, Gulf coast Marlins, and the Jupiter hammerheads. Play ball!

The minor leagues are more fun for kids since they don’t take stuff too seriously and include lots of fun between innings. 

Experience Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas’ star treatment

Grab your popcorn and your family; Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas is the perfect spot for a memorable movie experience in your Jupiter vacation. The Spanish movie theatre is the leading Mexican film exhibition entity in Latin America. Globally, it ranks at the fourth position.

The site offers you and your family a luxury movie experience where you’ll get to enjoy in-theater dining and waiter service with a complete bar at the touch of a button. You’ll enjoy at-your-seat service that guarantees a movie night at its finest. 

Explore seafood delicacies at Guanabanas

A trip to this Caribbean restaurant and seafood spot should be among the things to do in Jupiter, FL, with your family. Guanabanas is a relaxed spot to hang out with kids in a calm and serene beach environment.

You’ll also dance to the live music and enjoy refreshments from two bars from where you can also order food. What’s more, the spot is all outdoor, and the incredible views at Jupiter Lighthouse are just across.  


You should also visit The Woods, a flagship restaurant for the golf champion, Tiger Woods. After being on the road for years and having meals from different spots, the star actualized his dream of an elevated sports bar at home.

The Woods was envisioned as the perfect spot for friends and family and friends to come together, relax, and rejuvenate. Notably, the restaurant is now regarded as the ideal destination for those wishing to celebrate like champions. 

Family Breakfast at Jupiter Donuts

Jupiter Donuts first opened its doors on 1st September 2013. Since then, it has been living true to its slogan of “bringing families goodness a day at a time.” It’s the ideal location for family breakfast and promises over 40 handcrafted donut varieties that are simply out of this world. You’ll also enjoy some great sandwiches and tasty coffee.

The restaurant opens every day between 6 AM and 1 PM. However, you must ensure you get there on time because they only open until they finish the donuts.

Visit Square Grouper for Lunch

Square Grouper is the spot for great entertainment and sumptuous lunch. You’ll take on delicious meals as you enjoy beautiful lighthouse views and watch boats. What’s more, the wonderful waterfront is also perfect for family gatherings and live music.

Where Should You Stay When Visiting Jupiter, FL?

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